"Bobby always delivers the best available predicated on trust that he has earned." Chef Mimi Wood, Washington Inn

"Bobby has delivered the best to me for over 20 years. He has more produce knowledge and know-how than anyone. The mushroom and produce industry need more people like Bobby." Chef Bobby Trigg, The Ferry House

"CAPITAL has delivered the best mushrooms, herbs and tomatoes to my father and now me." Chef Natale Grande, Il’Capriccio

"Bobby has delivered me the highest quality and trust for over 15 years." Chef Dave Banks, Harry’s Savoy

"Bobby’s passion for quality is second to none. He is the godfather of a good tomatoes." Chef Pete O’Connel, Pasta Fresca

"Quality products and quality people; that’s why I have bought from Bobby since 1988." Owner Bob Sickles, Sickles Market